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Photo/Art Plaqs

Custom Sizes • Art or Photos • No Costly Frames • UV and Moisture Resistant Finish

Personalized to Match Your Decor • Secure Wall Mounting

StandardPlaq creates a durable and long-lasting, glass free framing option to preserve and present photos and artwork. Art is mounted on an acid-free 3/8” thick surface and finished with a beveled edge. Various edge color options provide the opportunity to compliment and personalize a plaque-mounted picture. A multitude of surface coating finishes are offered to enhance artwork meanwhile maintaining UV protection and moisture resistance. To display a StandardPlaq, simply use the provided screw and keyhole(s) on the back. With small pictures, an easel system is added to the back to allow the Plaq to freely stand and be displayed on a desk, shelf or mantle. Small StandardPlaqs are becoming a popular choice for customers to display children’s artwork or personal pictures without the bulk and cost of a picture frame.

The StandardPlaq is a completely finished product with a coated, black, moisture-resistant finish on the back to ensure art is fully protected and maintains a clean, high-quality appearance from front to back. Great pride is taking manufacturing the highest quality plaques and offering custom sizing and personalization to meet every art need.

Economy StandardPlaq Fine art at an economy price!  The Economy StandardPlaq offers high quality with an economy price by eliminating the need for paper prints and surface finishes.  An image is direct printed to the material with a state-of-the-art, UV-cured printing process that requires no added coating for protection.  This process is eco-friendly and does not use solvent-based printing processes.  Printed directly to exclusive eco-conscious 3/8” premium wood product, this product’s acid-free, moisture resistant construction will create lasting art.  Economy StandardPlaqs have a slightly softer print than a traditional StandardPlaq but maintains a great fine art, cost effective alternative.  The Economy StandardPlaq is coated black on the back to give it a sleek look from front to back and given a keyhole hanger for flush and secure wall mounting.  Customized with a choice of beveled edge colors.

Economy Canvas Wrap Customers can’t stop raving about this product!  It combines the look of a traditional canvas gallery wrap, and abolishes typical canvas disadvantages including wrinkles or sagging on the front face, unsightly folds in the canvas on the corners, and visible lines from the stretcher bars all of which distract from the overall presentation.  Each wrap is customized with your choice of edge treatment.  This is truly a revolutionary product!

MegaPlaqs bring an element of substance and dimension to mounted art as they are more than an inch thick.  A MegaPlaq is essentially a thickened StandardPlaq™ wherein the depth of the plaq can be seen from any angle when displayed. Creates a durable and long-lasting, glass free framing option to preserve and present artwork.

Art is mounted on a thick, acid-free surface and finished with a beveled edge.  The backside is hollowed out to reduce weight and conceal a convenient cleat hanging system allowing the MegaPlaq to hang securely, flush against a wall.  Various edge colors and surface finishes provide the opportunity to enhance and personalize a plaque mounted picture meanwhile providing UV protection and moisture resistance.

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